Sign in a wind turbine

Tesicnor and JAR carry the new sign catalogue out for wind energy sector

Tesicnor, specialised in safety for the wind sector, and JAR, a leader in sign communication, carry out a new specific iconography for the special necessities in the renewable energies.
The workplace might have some potential risk, from the study of the special wind energy conditions Tesicnor-JAR have developed a wide catalogue to alert and forbid unsafe and dangerous behaviours, keep in mind the follow the procedures and de use of Personal  Protection Equipment.

In our catalogue all the phases in a wind farm are covered, from the construction to the maintenance operations. Besides, QR codes are included, this widespread system offers practical complementary and multimedia information about risk or precautions in a particular workplace. The QR inclusion has a high informative value with an economical cost.

QR codes uses

Our signs include QR codes that show information in mobile phones about:
Precautions at the workplace.
– Interesting multimedia material.

Download the catalogue