Iñigo Marañón Romero, director of the Industrial and Citizen Security department

“We work as part of your H&S or HSE team, making easy your labour, helping you in guidelines development and giving you practical solutions.”

Iñigo Marañón Romero, Head of Industrial and Citizen Safety Department

Thanks to our team experience and the typology of our services, we offer a global vision of the safety for industrial and civil environments. Our practical and specific point of view increase, in fact, the safety whilst achieve the H&S, Industrial and Public Safety Law rules.
Our goal is to increase the safety in your premises, offering you solutions for explosive atmospheres (ATEX), self-protection or Seveso, risk analysis, director of transportation of dangerous goods, chemicals storage, lock out tag out, and environmental studies.

Our products

Chemical area with ATEX sign


ATEX studies in engineering step and/or in production premises, equipment evaluation and formation.

Fire in industrial area

Major-accident hazards / Seveso Directive

Designing guidelines meeting the 840/2015 and 1196/2003 Royal Decree Laws.

Transportation Dangerous Goods Advisor (DGSA)

Transportation Dangerous Goods Advisor (DGSA)

Evaluation of the safety of the transportation of dangerous goods and meeting the 97/20014 Royal Decree Law.

Self proctection plan

Emergency and Evacuation plans

We elaborate, set in and evaluate Emergency and Evacuation plans, achieving the Basic Self-Protection Rules and the Autonomous Regional guidelines.

LOTO consignement

Equipment consignment / LOTO

We create procedures, file cards and supply equipment to ensure safety conditions in the material and premises during the maintenance or cleaning labours.

Consequences Frecuency

Risk Analysis

HAZOP, SIL, What if, ACR studies to improve safety in a plant in Designing / construction or operations steps.


Environmental danger

We prepare to risk Environmental evaluations and Preliminary reports about the soil situation.